Mina Mar Group

Mina Mar Marketing Inc. is a privately held company offering Investor Relations (IR) services for prefered shareholders and stakeholders of publicly traded issuers. We offer a full-service media solution with marketing strategies, advertising, broadcasting. We deliver everyday values via creative and targeted solutions through many faucets of the industry. For companies quoted on OTC Markets, NASDAQ and NYSE;

Mina Mar Group’s services range from full service Investor Communication, Investor Relations, Awareness, Strategic Consulting, Performance Improvement’s and more. With agent representations worldwide and with over dozen years in the business MMG has created a strong strategic alliances with some of USA based leading and reputable accounting, legal firms including experienced market makers, broker dealers and other service providers.

MMG’s alliance and resources allow companies to achieve and maintain the highest possible corporate governance, and meet the demands of today’s sophisticated, accredited and or institutional investors. Our niche placement in the market is our ability to thwart stock bashers and short seller’s motives. The firm was successful in raining in USA based stock bashers and short sellers, notwithstanding the USA free speech and “communication decency act provisions” through a strategic alliance and implementation of International laws.




Investor Roadshows & Investor Outreach

MMG staff provides assistance for companies in fundraising mode with road shows for in a fund seeking capital mode and companies, with contacts to fund managers and analysts. In addition to arranging direct introductions, MMG stands apart from other investor relations firms by offering its clients a unique “virtual road show” service, which allows management the opportunity to meet with members of the investment community, without leaving the office.

The target audience for our investor relations outreach includes:

  • Institutional investors
  • Hedge fund managers
  • Sell-side/research analysts
  • Institutional sales
  • Retail brokers
  • High net worth investors
  • Financial newsletters
  • Financial Marketing Materials

MMG develops all of the financial marketing materials to persuasively communicate the investment thesis, while conveying a professional and “Blue Chip” look and feel to our clients’ investor communications.

Sample Investor Relations materials include:

  • Press releases
  • Slide presentations
  • Investor fact sheets
  • Investor Relations (IR) websites
  • Conference call scripts
  • Shareholder letters
  • Daily investor communications
  • Investor Relations packages

At MMG we pride ourselves on the honest and unfiltered feedback we gather from your investors. We are your eyes and ears on Wall Street — and we use this feedback to constantly evolve the messaging.




Strategic Communications

In support of our capital advisory services and as a stand-alone discipline, MMG provides a full range of investor relations services. The goal is to formulate a clear and concise message for the investment community and to build an audience of loyal followers and investors.

The principals of MMG have represented companies across all market caps and industries. The firm was founded on a strategic and professional approach to investor relations that builds awareness of our clients through tailored outreach programs that target institutional investors, analysts and the financial media.

Our approach is centered around properly educating investors and cultivating trust in order to uphold and protect management’s long-term credibility and reputation on Wall Street.



Private Equity

Many of our clients who wish to go public also need private equity financing along way.

Even though our IPO process only takes between four and six months, companies need operating capital in order to continue building their businesses while waiting for the various IPO processes such as the SEC, FINRA, market makers and more.

MMG can help raise private equity via a private placement memorandum (PPM) while our clients are in the IPO process. We will work with your investors to help bring in capital to fuel your business. Our team of analysts will write private placement memorandums and help you structure your company in order to raise between $1 million and $5 million via private equity.

Our clients tell us that this two-step process of raising private capital and then raising capital and public markets is a viable alternative to traditional venture and angel rounds of financing. We find that it is easier to help our clients raise private equity with an eminent IPO versus traditional angel or venture financing where liquidity may be 3 to 5 years away. If you’re interested in discussing how we can help you raise private capital while you are in the process of going public, please contact us right away.

MMG’s unique strategy ensures that our clients invest a minimal amount of time in order to complete the entire IPO process. We enable our clients to remain focused on building their existing business while the IPO process is underway.

Mina Mar Group team will help guide you through the IPO registration process and help you address the critical steps that are needed throughout the IPO — and beyond.




Our Industry Focus

We seek innovations that break traditional services business models. We understand how to scale to meet high transaction volume requirements, as well as address complex compliance and regulatory challenges. We bring to bear the industry’s most expansive network of entrepreneurs and executives who have “been there, and done that”.

In order to provide effective IR counsel in this sector, we ensure that we have comprehensive knowledge of the technical, regulatory and financial aspects of the business. We closely monitor industry trends to provide a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute approach to investor relations counsel. We can and have over the years served some of not all of the industries listed herein. The sectors such as marine, yachts, real estate, bio, medical, financial, construction, development, software, Internet and non Internet based aps and technologies are the idustries we specialize in and have a deep and or a comprehensive knowledge and or understanding of.