Capital Advisory

The focus of the division of our capital advisory services is to offer the quickest and most cost-saving solution to the capital needs of our clients and also determine and reduce the risk involved in the process. Our objectives are accomplished in different ways:

  • Determination and assessment of the opportunities for growth of private and public firms and private equity companies looking for opportunities to invest
  • Deciding of the most viable investment and/or capital for different organizations
  • Identification and assessment of the partners that are the best
  • Reduction of risk through the use of due diligence
  • Processing of the investment thesis of our clients and other important data to ensure that financial goals are achieved
  • Helping our clients throughout every stage of the process

From private equity to the mezzanine, venture capital, strategic investment, debt, IPO, M&A, and much more, we have the ability to secure all sorts of funding. We are capable of servicing the needs of companies various places such as Canada, the US, China, and other leading markets. We are able to represent companies of different magnitudes whether middle-market public and private companies or later-stage private organizations.

Seed Capital of MMG

At MMG, we help companies that are at the early stage through detailed plans to get viable solutions to funding for the growth of emerging organizations in different places such as China and the USA so that they can join foreign or domestic capital markets. It is our duty to work through all stages of an IPO or RTO, merger and acquisition or reverse merger with our clients. You can get more information via our PASS THROUGH finance options. We are always ready to assist the companies using our services to achieve the long-term targets of their business through our proprietorship capital sources.

Critical Communication

Full range services for investor relations are provided at MMG as an independent discipline and to help our capital advisory services. Creation of loyal followers and investors, as well as development of a distinct message for the community of investment, is the goal.

At MMG, our top executives have worked in representing many firms in different industries and market caps. MMG was established based on a critical and professional method to a relationship with investors that make the clients become aware with the aid of personalized outreach activities that are focused on the financial media, analysts, and institutional investors.

To safeguard and uphold the reputation and credulity of the management of our clients on a long-term basis on Wall Street, our approach is based on building trust and enlightening the investors.

Road shows and Outreach for Investor

Our staff at MMG helps companies having fundraising mode that are doing road shows in order to seek capital and also gives contacts of fund analysts and managers to companies. Also, we are different from other competitors through the provision of special “virtual road show” service to clients, giving them the chance to meet the individuals from the investment community from their office.

For MMG investor relations outreach, our primary audience is:

  • Investors with high net worth
  • Institutional investors
  • Sell-side/research analysts
  • Financial newsletters
  • Institutional sales
  • Retail brokers
  • Financial Marketing Materials
  • Hedge fund managers

We create all materials for financial marketing to convincingly convey the investment statement while showing an expert and credible appearance to the investor communications of our clients.

Some of the materials of our Sample Investor Relations are:

  • Investor fact sheets
  • Press releases
  • Daily investor communications
  • Slide presentations
  • Investor Relations (IR) websites
  • Shareholder letters
  • Investor Relations packages
  • Conference call scripts

Our pride lies in the unbiased and unmodified feedback we acquire from your investors. We are your informant on Wall Street and utilize the feedback to regularly develop the communication.

Financial Media

At MMG, we have a history of getting advantageous financial media for our clients such as well-known publications and TV networks including CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, Fox Business and so on.

Here at Mina Mar Group, we have a marketing department solely dedicated to DPO, IPO, Reverse Merger, and Pass Through, and thus, can help you in creating marketing campaign of any magnitude to improve the value of the IPO of your company.

A few of the marketing services we offer for DPO, IPO, Pass Through or Reverse Merger are:

  • Email
  • Direct Mail
  • Online and Social Media
  • Print Advertising
  • Promotion products pre/post-IPO through celebrity/athlete endorsements
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • PR/IR services

The investor relations team and PR of Mina Mar Group are experts in the communication of short-term value and long-term critical vision. Our credibility comes as a result of being well grounded in technology, policy, finance, and finance.

Creation of measurable value has been a factor that differentiates companies in the market nowadays. This factor serves as a powerful corporate credibility among investors and offers the company an opportunity to bring together to its business model and culture.

At MMG, we provide total PR/IR services that ensure that the messages and stories of our clients are easily communicated. To create and convey the strategic vision, we dedicate our time to working on communication programs with long-term goals. For accurate reflection of the corporate strategy and goals of our clients, we work on their brand and the perception of their services.

Business Marketing Consulting/Strategic Advisory

Each company is special. The mission, vision, and approach to the success of each business differ. Improving your business without tampering with what makes it unique is one of the major objectives of our consulting process at MMG. Improving the business refers to supporting its growth, becoming more efficient, and being capable of withstanding several kinds of market conditions.

We will take our time to conduct researches on your company so that we can have a full assessment of the objectives and needs of your organization or company and decide how feasible they are. Afterward, we will identify the problems of your business through our extensive diagnosis and determine the methods to be used in adding values and evaluate how our consulting services have impacted your business. Then, a business analysis is formulated with the proposal of applicable solutions. In the end, we will ensure our full involvement with you in implementing and assessing of the chosen business tactics from the beginning to the end.


Our clients are assisted with market analysis and quantified research that are capable of providing support design and execution of cost-saving and effectual initiatives for marketing communications that are specialized designed to suit the targets and goals of our clients whether in the United States or other countries.

Business and Government Networking

The top executives at MMG have both direct and indirect connectives with top government officials and business executives at both the international and domestic levels. Specifically, MMG enjoys powerful business and governmental connections in the major parts of Mainland China with the inclusion of top ministerial personnel and related levels in China. For companies in the United States, private equity funds, and hedge funds that are interested in investing in China, we are capable of offering tactical assistance in getting direct, confidential, and in-person contact with topmost policymakers and corporate executives. For international companies and investors in need of connections in the United States, we are capable of offering the similar introductions.

We first decide your targets and needs and as well as evaluate how and if we are capable of helping you achieve your goals before connecting you with any of the prospective clients.

Roll-ups and Acquisitions

At MMG, we have built a roll-up fund and subsequent processes that are created for companies that desire to develop through the use of acquisition. Get in touch with us now if you own a company that has an acquisition method so that we may hold a discussion to decide if you have the criteria suitable for our program. If you are suitable for our program, we will cater for the costs of the acquisition such getting the capital. Read through the information provided below to have knowledge of our program.

1. SEC and Other Filings
MMG will take care of the requests and filings of all important documents such as the development and submission of all documents of SEC which include the Edgar Form and filings, S-1 registration statements, FINRA submissions and so on.

2. Legal Compliance
Since we have attorneys and paralegals as part of our team, we will ensure that all processes of the program are in accordance with the agencies of the government.

3. Public Shells
For reverse mergers, we will provide an inventory of verified and legal public shells for our clients with so as to offer a publicly traded vehicle that can assist in raising capital.

4. Distribution and Fundraising
At MMG, we join hands with high-level investor relations firms that are given that task of raising the capital needed for our projects. Using the process, we manage these investor relations firms to raise maximum capital.

5. Institutional Investors
In the US, MMG has a solid relationship with a number of the biggest institutional investment funds. Assistance in getting capital for equity or debt is within our reach.

6. Broker-Dealers
We have a team of experts that are licensed to offer our clients a ready-made dealer/broker that is appropriately registered with FINRA and two or more clearing houses. We are capable of helping our clients with financing and restructuring of books of business.

7. Established process
Our partners at MMG have been successful in assisting over 160 companies to raise capital. Through the aid of our proprietorship plan with 32 steps, we ensure that clients only dedicate minimal time to the completion of the whole process involved in the IPO. As the process of IPO is going on, we ensure our clients concentrate on developing their business.

Things to expect

1. Following holding a discussion with you, the management of MMG will hold a meeting to decide whether we are certain of success as regards your project. The availability of our funding and distribution partners to provide a fund for the project of an existing client will determine if we are going to work on the project or not. A financial model, business plan, PowerPoint files, acquisition target data, and executive summary are the things the client will be requested to submit.

2. If our decision is to work on the project, there will be an issuance of an agreement that shows the deal points and the process such as the completion time for IPO process and deliverables.

3. On average, it takes 4 to 6 months to complete the process based on the SEC. We are professionals at making sure that only a few questions are raised by the SEC; hence, making the process fast. Also, due to our extant public shells at MMG, there can be a reduction of the timeline.

4. Fees: Mina Mar Group provides all fees required for the IPO process and reverse merger. This could be around $500,000 to $1.5 million.

5. Ownership of the company: a controlling interest of about 51% to 70% of the authorized shares in the company will be maintained by the Mina Mar Group.

6. Concerning the board seats, a controlling interest will be demanded by MMG.

7. Standard commission of about 10% to 20% of any increase in capital will be taken by MMG.

8. To guarantee fiscal efficacy, a Chief Financial Officer will be put in place by Mina Mar Group.

9. The CEO of the company will still be in control while be paid salary and compensations based on the market rate.

10. Based on their abilities and skills, we may ask other members of the management team to stay on board to manage the company.

11. Upon raising the capital, capital will be provided by Mina Mar Group to ensure acquisitions that will ensure the company’s profit and revenue growth.


The special method of Mina Mar Group makes sure that our clients only have to dedicate a few times to the completion of the IPO process. As the IPO goes on, our clients are afforded the opportunity to continue developing their business.

Our team at MMG puts you through the process of registering for the IPO and assists you with taking care of the strategic steps involved in the IPO and even more.

Private Equity

For most of our clients who want to become a publicly owned company, they usually require private equity financing as well.

Although it takes four to six months for the IPO process to be completed, companies require having an operating capital that can be used in developing their business while they are expecting the completion of the processes of IPO including FINRA, SEC, market markets and so on.

While the IPO process is ongoing, we can use a private placement memorandum (PPM) for raising private equity. We will join hands with your investors to raise the capital needed to grow your business. Private placement memorandums will be written by our analysts, and we will assist you to arrange your company to use private equity for raising about $1 million to $5 million.

We have been told by our clients that our two-step process used in getting private capital and acquiring capital and public markets is a better option to using the conventional venture and angel financing. Since the conventional venture or angel financing often has liquidity that likely takes 3 to 5 years, we notice that using a noteworthy IPO to assist our clients in raising private equity is easier. Contact us now if you would like to have a discussion with us on how we can assist you in raising private capital as you are processing how to make your company public.

IPO services

Public Shells
To improve and manage an inventory of clean public shells that has different company sizes and stock markets, a lot of capital and enormous resources have been invested by MMG. We have significantly cleaned our public shells; thus, lowering all risk involved. Our IPO clients are offered the public shells, and likewise, our public shells are sold to interested and eligible groups.

Advantages of reverse merging into a public shell

For the right companies, merging into a public shell comes with several advantages. This includes affording a private company to go public while lowering the costs and diluting fewer of its stock than it would have done with an IPO that lacks a shell. A reserve merger assists the building of the IPO process via two ways. Foremost, there is a merger of the company into a shell, and afterward, the company goes public.

In addition, based on the reverse merger, market conditions has less influence on success, and people are managing the private and public companies have more influences on success. Unlike a straight IPO, the process of the reverse merger is quicker. A period of about 30 days to 120 days is required for a reserve merger based on the status of the public shell.

It takes a minimum of a year for the completion of a standard IPO with a substantial amount of time of the management expended. Without a doubt, it costs more since the management spends less time on operating the company while dedicating time to the IPO.

There are several new financing options that come with reverse merging into a public company, and they are:

  • Issuance of stock via an extra secondary offering
  • Offering warrants through which stockholders are allowed to buy extra shares at preplanned price
  • Increment of company stock’s liquidity
  • Increase in company valuation due to increase in the share prices
  • Growth of the company through acquisition of other companies through stock
  • Attracting and retaining worthy employees through the aid of stock incentive plans
  • General and improved access to several types of capital markets

Below is a list of popular companies that develop their company through the use of reverse mergers:

  • Clearwire Corporation – a company has been taken over by Sprint
  • America West Airlines
  • ABC radio – acquired by Citadel Broadcasting company to create a new company from Disney
  • Nucor – a Fortune 300 company
  • The New York Stock Exchange – taken over by Archipelago Holdings, forming NYSE Group
  • FOH Holdings, parent of Frederick’s of Hollywood – taken over by apparel maker Movie Star so as to make it a public entity

In case, you are interested in discussing the services we offer for IPO process with the public shell as a part of it or buy a public shell, please get in touch with us.

IPO Process

Significant work and understanding of IPO process or the reverse merger are required when making a company a public entity. To get a successful outcome, there is a need for the help of a top team of professionals that include an experienced securities lawyer. MMG manage the process of merger and also gets the services of a proven and qualified team of external and internal staff as well as resources. Our ready-to-use process at Mina Mar Group begins with you deciding to take your company public and ends when a ticker system is acquired and capital raised for your company. Our efforts do not stop at merely making you go public; we get involved with investor relations firms and stock distribution to make sure that what you offer is widely distributed so as to ensure that the maximum capital is raised for your business at the most reasonable price.

The Process of Going Public

1. Internal agreement within a company to go public
The idea of going public will be presented to the Board of Directors by the Management for consideration. For the board to decide adequately, financials, operating responsibilities, marketing, projections, technology, staffing, and intellectual property are some of the presentation that must be presented. Once the concept has been approved by the board, assembling the suitable team is the next thing to do. MMG helps you in bringing together the whole team. We will acquire the service of a securities attorney and make a recommendation of an accounting firm that will assist you in auditing the financials of your company. To make sure that the financial statements of the company are in compliance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), they will be reviewed with so much care. Assistance will be offered by the accounting firm in reviewing the financial statements and adjusting them appropriately.

Agreement with Mina Mar Group
Afterward, there will be formalization of the agreement of your company with MMG to outline our plans, process, timeliness, price ranges, fees, the size of the offering, and other important factors. Also, at this stage, it will be decided if the merger will be into a blank checks shell or an alternative strategy like Direct Public Offering (DPO) will be used.

3. Preparation of the Prospectus
Following the signing of the letter of intent, the preparation of the prospectus by MMG alongside your accountants and our securities lawyers will start. The prospectus is referred to as a legal disclosure document written for the investors. It must have the information listed below:

1. Financial statement that has been audited

2. The capitalization of the company

3. Description of the business

4. Management structure

5. The dividend policy of the company

6. Agreement between the management and company

7. Shareholdings of principal shareholders

8. Compensation for management

9. Proposed use of the proceeds of the offering

10. Disclosure and discussion of the financial condition and operations of the company

11. The effect of dilution on existing shares

12. The underwriting agreement

4. Draft
The narrative part of the prospectus will be written by our analysts, attorney and other professionals at MMG while you’re the financial statements of the deal will be drafted by your accountant.

5. Due Diligence
Due diligence of your company will be performed by your accountants and our experts at MMG. The business objectives, competitive position, management, plan, performance, and financial situation of the company will be evaluated by MMG. The review process also involves getting information about the customers, vendors, and industry of the company. As more information are gotten, there will be changes in the prospectus.

6. Presentation to the SEC
The drafted prospectus will be filed and presented to the SEC by Mina Mar Group. The SEC will likely return the prospectus within some weeks with comments requesting further clarification, disclosure or extra information.

7. Approval by SEC
After the revision of the prospectus based on the suitable stock market and comments of the SEC, the registration will be declared successful by the SEC, and the drafted prospectus can be printed.

8. FINRA Filings and Compliance
Our stock transfer agent will work with MMG for the submission of form 15©211 so that it will comply with FINRA. Until answers are provided to all comments and questions, and the acceptance of your firm is guaranteed, we will continuously work with FINRA.

9. Syndication
Following the preparation of the preliminary prospectus and filing with the SEC, we acquire the service of stock distribution firms, investment relations firms, and other firms that will put in effort in marketing and selling the parts of the offering to interested parties.

10. Road Show
The arrangement of several meeting with potential analysts and investors will be made by our investor relations firms. The roadshow involves a presentation of the financial situation, performance, operations, markets, services or products of the company in a formal setting. Questions will be asked by analysts and investors as the road show goes for them to decide if they are investing or not.

11. Offering Size and Pricing
There will be pricing of the offering a day before the effectiveness of the registration begins and commencement of the sale. The recommendation will be made for the price by MMG with consideration for the amount of capital needed, the stock price of rival companies, demand of the investors, the effectiveness of the road show, and overall conditions of the industry and market. Likewise, the company will be consulted by MMG concerning the size of the offering and level of control wanted over the business.

Our Focus on the Industry

Innovations that break conventional business models are sought by us at MMG. We know what it takes to meet the volume requirements of the high transaction and also find a solution to regulatory and complex compliance issues. We take into consideration the largest network of executives and entrepreneurs of the industry who are vastly experienced. We make sure we acquire an expansive understanding of the regulatory, financial, and technical parts of the company so as to offer IR counsel that is effective in the industry. Trends of the industry are closely monitored by MMG to give investor relations counsel an all-inclusive and up-to-date approach. Over the past years, we have serviced the needs of a few of the listed sectors. Some of the sectors we have all-inclusive knowledge of and are committed to working in are yachts, medical, marine, technologies, construction, bio, software, real estate, the internet and non-internet based apps, and financial.

Values and Vision

We keep ourselves abreast of the constant changes going on in the biotechnology and healthcare sectors and financial markets. Also, at Mina Mar Group, we generally reevaluate the IR program of each client as there are changes and evolvements in the needs of our clients. This is done due to our dedication to quality assurance and services. Our clients are able to get the largest return on their investment as a result of this never-ending policy.

Overview of the Company

Established in 2005, Mina Mar Group is a unique company that has goal-centered and visionary management teams that use an unconventional approach for establishing its perspective and implementing its services needed by companies. From the United States and other emerging markets, we are capable of working with both public and private firms.

The excitement produced by new services, products and concepts and the idea of being instrumental to their introduction into the market are what motivate us at MMG. This excitement is shared by our large network of ever-ready investors who are extraordinary set to receive any companies we introduce to them. Having built relationships with them in the past years, it is our belief that our network is unsurpassed.

The only goal of our efforts while working for our clients is based on reducing the cost of capital through creation and implementation of all-inclusive marketing approaches that can assist in the increment of sales and profitability, and widen awareness of the market; thus, improving the value of shareholder. Private companies also gain extensively from our value-building approaches.

We have built a strong relationship with businesses in different sectors. Companies in the US and other countries are assisted by our professionals at MMG to take note of investment opportunities and then carry out expansive due diligence. At Mina Mar Group, what we do best is giving companies the chance to broaden their origin and develop their business.


At Mina Mar Group, we have never gone off our dedication to helping budding companies, which are important to the economy of a nation, and we are committed to assisting these budding companies with the realization of their goals through the aid of our human capital.

Important to each successful business are a good concept and the required capital that will make the idea a reality. With the aid of our captive funding sources and widespread connection of capital sources such as venture capitalists, investment bankers, hedge funds, and private equity companies, we join hands with our clients to grow their relationships that will help their tactical plans and end results. We help our clients to control all processes such branding, funding process. We assist companies looking product marketing and companies looking for a public offering to go through their investor awareness, corporate administration, and listing process so as to create a reputable and clear entity in order to woo get investors.

Our Services

We have been helping publicly-owned companies in building a relationship that is beneficial to both their followers and shareholders since 2006. Our specialty or focus lies with small cap for both companies in the reporting and non-reporting sector.

Our work is done with equity lenders when helping private companies and these lenders provide funds for your company through the use of traditional systems. The financier security is referred to as the equity of your business, and it is the undertaking that shows that your business will be taken to the public in about 1 to 2 years. If you are eligible, the cost will be zero. Reverse Take Over (RTO) is used for this process. Your ability to control the two companies due to the resignation of the current management is the most awesome thing about RTO.

Likewise, we offer corporate turn around and diverse financings for private placement.

At the time the survival of a company is at stake, leadership becomes more important than ever. Top executives at the helms of turnarounds in the market today know that the solution to the challenges of a struggling company is found within the company itself – often those found at the middle manager level or lower. Cooperation is the solution. Your business will benefit from a win-win program we create which will involve our vast experience and holding of interviews with the top advisers and professionals of the company.

End-to-end IPO services with negligible upfront charges are offered by MMG through our special methodology.

In case, you are planning to take your company public, our group of experienced experts will take you through each stage of the process:

SEC and Other Filings: we will take care of all important filings and document requests such as complete development and submission of all documents of the SEC including Edgar forms and filings, S-1 registration statements, FINRA submissions and so on.

  • Compliance with the legal proceedingTo make sure the whole process complies with all agencies instituted by the government, MMG has a team of paralegals and attorneys.
  • Public shellsWe own a stock of affirmed and legal public shells that are provided for reverse mergers to our clients so as to offer a publicly-traded vehicle that can be used to get capital.
  • Fundraising and distributionAt MMG, there are high-level investor relations firms that are given the task of getting capital that our project needs. To make sure we raise maximum capital, we take care of these companies throughout the entire process.
  • Introductions of investorsIn the US, a few of the biggest institutional investment funds have powerful relationships with us at MMG. When it comes to raising capital for equity or debt, we can help you.
  • Broker dealersWe have a group of processed who are licensed to offer our clients ready-to-use dealer or broker that are approved by FINRA and two or more clearing firms. We can help with financing and rearrange the books of business.
  • Affirmed processOur partners at MMG have been succeeded in helping several companies raise capital.

Pros and Cons

During the process of a reverse acquisition, the control of the public shell company is bought by the shareholders of the private company, and afterward, it is merged with the private company. Shell is the name given to the publicly-traded company because the only thing left of the initial corporation is the structure of its organization. The control of the board of directors of the public company and most of its shares are received by the shareholders of the private company. It takes weeks for the transaction to be fully completed.

Exchange of information between the private and shell companies, negotiations of the terms involved in the merger, and signing of an agreement of share exchange are all parts of the transaction. In the end, the majority of the shares of the shell company and its control of its board will be handed over to the private company shareholders. Through the contribution of shares to the shell company that is now under their control, the shareholders of the private company make payment for the shell company. The process of reverse takeover is finally accomplished when exchange and change are done, making the previously private company a public entity.

As long as the US is concerned, there is no need for the private company to experience costly and lengthy review with the federal and state regulating bodies once the shell company is registered with the Securities Exchange Commission. This is because there has been the completion of the process before with the public corporation. Nevertheless, for reporting issuers, the SEC demands a detailed disclosure document that has substantial legal disclosures and financial statements that have been audited. The filing of the disclosure is done on Form 8-k immediately the transaction of the reverse merger is completed.


The opportunity to command a higher price for a further offering of the securities of the company is one of the benefits of becoming a publicly-traded corporation. Using a reverse takeover to take a company public gives a private company a chance to go public without being too costly and with a fewer stock dilution that it would have been if an initial public offering (IPO) is utilized. Although the reverse takeover involves taking a company public and raising capital, the two processes are carried out separately. It is possible for a company to become publicly held without additional capital being raised. The process becomes simplified through the separation of the two functions.

Also, market conditions have a lesser impact on a reverse takeover. Due to reliance on the conditions of the market and lesser influence of top management, there is more risk attached to traditional IPOs. The offering may be stopped by the underwriter in case the market goes off. There is no need for the market to submerge wholesale. Investors may become uninterested in a deal if a company being registered takes part in a sector with disadvantageous news. Due to the reliance of the deal on the management of the private and public companies, market situations have little effects on a reverse takeover.

It can take a year or more for the conventional IPO process to be completely accomplished. When the transitions of a company from a private company to being publicly-held is suitable for ownership by external bodies, the ways managers expend time can be of advantages or disadvantages to the company. There can be detrimental impacts of the time taken to meet and draft session of an IPO on the development on supposed offering, and it may even be rendered invalid. Also, the accomplishment of an IPO may become disadvantageous if the market situations are impaired during the months required for carrying out the IPO process. In contrast to the conventional IPO, it can take just a month for a reverse takeover to be accomplished.


Some shareholders and history are always part of reverse takeovers. At times, the history may not be good and can be manifested in forms such as pending lawsuits, messy records, and other liabilities that are not expected. Also, there may be deceptive or enraged shareholders who are looking for a means to sell out their stock at any given opportunity. This is the point where we get involved to make sure that the RTO has no problem.

By demanding a lockup on the shares that the selling group owns, the company taking over the company prevents “dump” after the acquisition process is accomplished. Furthermore, we recover place these shares in escrow to recover them; thereby, making sure they do not affect the market and bring down the price. Simply put, since some shares held by the previous investors is small, they are incapable of having adverse effects on the company by dumping their shares.

There may be other cons of reverse mergers. Except they are previously experienced as a top executive of a publicly-held company, the CEOs of privately owned companies may not have the experience and good judgment needed to run a public corporation. As a result, the services of an experienced consultancy firm are required to put you through the difficulties. Also, the presence of a substantial interest from the public in a company is required for the introduction of liquidity to a stock that is previously owned by private bodies. A reverse merger may indirectly demand a broad program involving the investor marketing and investor relations. We do not ask you to hire us as your IR company; we say hire as many companies as are affordable to you. To ensure that investors get information about your business, ADVERTISEMENT is important.

Future Financing

The major reason for a reverse takeover is a large number of financing options open to a public corporation. Some of these options are:

Use of secondary offering to issue extra stock

An exercise of warrants allows stockholders to buy extra shares in a company at preplanned prices. More capital will be infused into the company when many shareholders that own warrants utilize their option to buy extra shares.

If the company succeeds, more investors are going to be interested in using a private stock offering to invest in a company when the right means to sell their stock in available.

Likewise, the new public company gains from public trading of its securities through:

Potential increase in the valuation of the company

Ability to woo and retain staff through the utilization of stock incentive plans

Increase in the liquidity of the stock of the company

Use of stock transactions to take over other companies

Improved capital markets’ accessibility


In summary, we implore you to Google our name and go through the information available. Take your time to go through the good, the bad, and the ugly about us. It will be noticed that we protect the interests of our clients through our support. You will discover that toxic financiers and fraudulent sellers take advantage of the freedom of speech in the USA to speak ill of the work we do and the help we offer to our clients. These slanderers do not care about others. Service providers and top executives of the service providers are their major targets.

Yes, there is no doubt that they have their defense.

Nevertheless, do not take our story hook, line, and sinker. Research and you will soon discover the substantial lawsuits we won against slanderers. When provided the chance to present their evidence, these slanderers never appear in court!

Scrutiny and criticism usually accompany success.

We tell you to make an adjustment and witness the realization of the dream of your business. Anyhow, you start this, and we recognize your efforts and dedication as the owner of a small business. We are available to guide you through each stage of the process.