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What we do

Since 2006 we have been assisting publicly traded companies create a win win relationship with their shareholders and followers. We specialize or focus on small cap both reporting and non-reporting companies.

For private companies we work with equity lenders, who finance your business “traditional” via methods. The financiers security is the equity in your company and your undertaking that you will go public within the next 12-24 months. Your cost is zero if you qualify. This is done via reverse take over (RTO) . The beauty of the RTO deal is in a RTO you are in control of both companies as existing management resigns.

In addition to RTO we do corporate turn arounds and offer full range of boutique private placement financing.

Leadership is never more crucial than when corporate survival is at stake. The days of the tough guys are over. The leaders who are driving today’s sustainable turnarounds understand that the answers to a distressed company’s problems lie almost always within the firm itself – usually at middle manager level and below. The secret is cooperation. Drawing on interviews with top company doctors and advisers, as well as on our own experience we can create a successful win win game plan for your company.

Our unique methodology enables us to provide end-to-end IPO services with minimal upfront fees.

If you would like to go public you will be guided by our team of experienced professionals every step of the way:

SEC and Other Filings: Mina Mar will handle all necessary document requests and filings including completely developing and submitting all SEC documents such as S-1 registration statements, Edgar forms and filings, FINRA (such as form 211) submissions and more.

    • Legal Compliance:
      Mina Mar Group maintains a staff of in -house attorneys and paralegals that ensure the entire process remains compliant with all governmental agencies.


    • Public Shells:
      Mina Mar Group has an inventory of legal and verified public shells which are made available to our clients for reverse mergers in order to provide a publicly traded vehicle in order to raise capital.


    • Financial Compliance:
      Mina Mar Group’ processes mandate that all of our clients remain financially compliant. In order to do this we have created relationships with specialized CPA firms that are deployed to audit financials and report on our clients’ behalf.


    • Distribution and Fundraising:
      Mina Mar Group works with top investor relations firms who are charged with effectively raising capital for our projects. Mina Mar Group manages these firms through the process to ensure the maximum capital is raised.


    • Investor introductions:
      We have very strong relationships with some of the largest institutional investment funds in the US. We can assist with raising capital for debt or equity.


    • Broker Dealers:
      Our team of licensed professionals can provide our clients with a turnkey broker/dealer, registered with FINRA and at least two clearing houses. We can re-structure books of business and assist with financing.


    • Proven Process:
      Mina Mar Group’ partners have successfully raised capital for many different companies.


Please refer to our PROS & CONS section.

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