Road shows and Outreach for Investor

Our staff at MMG helps companies having fundraising mode that are doing road shows in order to seek capital and also gives contacts of fund analysts and managers to companies. Also, we are different from other competitors through the provision of special “virtual road show” service to clients, giving them the chance to meet the individuals from the investment community from their office.

For MMG investor relations outreach, our primary audience is:

  • Investors with high net worth
  • Institutional investors
  • Sell-side/research analysts
  • Financial newsletters
  • Institutional sales
  • Retail brokers
  • Financial Marketing Materials
  • Hedge fund managers

We create all materials for financial marketing to convincingly convey the investment statement while showing an expert and credible appearance to the investor communications of our clients.

Some of the materials of our Sample Investor Relations are:

  • Investor fact sheets
  • Press releases
  • Daily investor communications
  • Slide presentations
  • Investor Relations (IR) websites
  • Shareholder letters
  • Investor Relations packages
  • Conference call scripts

Our pride lies in the unbiased and unmodified feedback we acquire from your investors. We are your informant on Wall Street and utilize the feedback to regularly develop the communication.


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