Buy Public Company!

There are many reasons for going public and they will vary from one company to another, as will the benefits.

Advantages of going public

· Access to long-term capital
Some companies choose to go public because it represents a new stage in their growth and development.

· More favourable financial status
By selling shares to the public, a company increases its equity which can in turn be leveraged to finance growth.

· Less dilution
Most companies that go public will receive a higher price for their securities in a public offering than they would in a private placement or through any other form of equity financing

· Status and prestige
Public companies tend to be more visible than private companies and going public will often increase the public’s awareness of a company.

· Personal wealth and owner liquidity
Going public may also entail personal prestige for the founders of a private company.

· Employee incentives
Stock options are a means of attracting and retaining key staff.

· Increased expansion options
Public companies may have an advantage in M&A negotiations as they are able to use their own shares, instead of cash, when acquiring other companies.

Mina Mar Group is the largest small cap, micro cap and nano cap retailer of newly minted public companies and already quoted / trading public companies; listed on OTC
We offer a vast inventory of pubco vehicles and superior service.

Mina Mar Group assist companies reach their objectives in public and private markets.

Toll Free 1 866 833 3234
Mergers & Acquisitions 1 866 609 6695
West Palm Beach FL 1 561 440 9443

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