How to find Angel Investors

Public Angel Investors

  • The advantage of “public” angel investor is that they are easy to find. The disadvantage is that because they are easy to find, they are constantly being approached with investment opportunities and can only fund a tiny portion of those that they see.
  • Public angel investors are angel investment groups or individual angel investors that you can find online and/or specify themselves as angel investors.
  • The other type of “public” angel is someone who publicly identifies themselves as an angel investor. By going to a site like LinkedIn and searching the keyword “angel investor”, you can probably find such individuals.

Private Angel Investors

  • Private angel investors are people who have either made just one or a small amount of angel investments or who have the financial ability to make an angel investment, but has.
  • Most “private” angel investors have the means and interest in making an angel investment, but they just don’t know about them. Because “private” angels have much less to choose from, there is a high likelihood that they’re going to choose you.

Finding private or “latent” angel investors

The name of the game here is networking. Networking allows you to find other business owners, executives and/or other people with money.

How to get started

The easiest way to get started is to target “public” angels and then start your networking process to find “private” angels. While these angels are much harder to find, remember that when you do find them, they have a much higher likelihood of funding you.

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