Regulation A VS IPO

Even tough Reg A is an exemption from registration requirements like Reg D and Reg CF, Regulation A has more in common with IPO and it is often called a “mini IPO”. They are both open to all investors and securities offered can be traded and resold. advantages of Reg A is that it is more cost effective and more marketing friendly. Registration statement, known as 1A is similar to but simpler than S1 registration statement that is traditionally used for IPO.

It requires just two years of audited financials and general level of disclosure is more streamlined. Preparation of 1A registration statement, attorneys and accountants costs and SEC review time are reduced. Also marketing of Reg A permits use of variety of media. SEC allows general solicitation and the goal is to find potential investors regardless if they have brokerage accounts with syndicate firms or not. To sum it up Reg A is saving time and money.

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