Dual Listing Consulting Services

We can open the door to a completely new continent. Cross-border listing broadens the potential shareholder base, reaching the many European investors who are interested in U.S.-traded companies, but want to trade locally.
Cross-border listing, sometimes referred to as dual listing, can provide another way for companies to tap into the opportunities of a changing global capital environment.
Mina Mar Group can then coordinate a comprehensive investor relations/ public relations program designed to maximize the dissemination of corporate information to potential investors in the U.S. and Europe through its numerous contacts abroad.

Listing on a European stock exchange can enhance a company’s status as a truly global player. Mina Mar Group can assist your company to become listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and reach a completely new audience of investors interested in North American stocks, but desiring the benefits of trading locally.

The European markets have been very strong, especially in Germany, and there is a strong demand from both private and institutional investors in Europe to invest in small-cap and medium-sized public companies in the U.S. and Australia.




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