Mina Mar Group is the largest small cap, micro cap and nano cap retailer of newly minted public companies and already quoted / trading public companies; listed on OTC Markets.com .
We offer a vast inventory of pubco vehicles and superior service.

8 reasons to go public:

1. A publicly traded company has greater financing alternatives than a private company.

2. In general, public companies have a higher valuation than private enterprises.

3. A publicly traded company has created a market for its stock in which buyers and sellers participate.

4.Being publicly traded can help a company gain prestige by creating a perception of stability.

5. A publicly traded company may generate prestige, publicity and visibility, which is effective when marketing your company and its products or services.

6. A publicly traded company tends to have a higher profile than private firms.

7. Once a company is public and the market for its stock is established, the company’s stock can be looked at as “currency”.

8. One of the important benefits of being a publicly traded company is the fact that when the company’s stock eventually becomes liquid, it may provide an effective exit strategy and financial freedom for its founders and employees.

Mina Mar is here to assist you!




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