Roll-ups and Acquisitions

At MMG, we have built a roll-up fund and subsequent processes that are created for companies that desire to develop through the use of acquisition. Get in touch with us now if you own a company that has an acquisition method so that we may hold a discussion to decide if you have the criteria suitable for our program. If you are suitable for our program, we will cater for the costs of the acquisition such getting the capital. Read through the information provided below to have knowledge of our program.

1. SEC and Other Filings 
MMG will take care of the requests and filings of all important documents such as the development and submission of all documents of SEC which include the Edgar Form and filings, S-1 registration statements, FINRA submissions and so on.

2. Legal Compliance 
Since we have attorneys and paralegals as part of our team, we will ensure that all processes of the program are in accordance with the agencies of the government.

3. Public Shells 
For reverse mergers, we will provide an inventory of verified and legal public shells for our clients with so as to offer a publicly traded vehicle that can assist in raising capital.

4. Distribution and Fundraising 
At MMG, we join hands with high-level investor relations firms that are given that task of raising the capital needed for our projects. Using the process, we manage these investor relations firms to raise maximum capital.

5. Institutional Investors
In the US, MMG has a solid relationship with a number of the biggest institutional investment funds. Assistance in getting capital for equity or debt is within our reach.

6. Broker-Dealers 
We have a team of experts that are licensed to offer our clients a ready-made dealer/broker that is appropriately registered with FINRA and two or more clearing houses. We are capable of helping our clients with financing and restructuring of books of business.

7. Established process 
Our partners at MMG have been successful in assisting over 160 companies to raise capital. Through the aid of our proprietorship plan with 32 steps, we ensure that clients only dedicate minimal time to the completion of the whole process involved in the IPO. As the process of IPO is going on, we ensure our clients concentrate on developing their business.

Background concept wordcloud illustration of merger acquisition

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