Overview of the Company — MMG

Established in 2005, Mina Mar Group is a unique company that has goal-centered and visionary management teams that use an unconventional approach for establishing its perspective and implementing its services needed by companies. From the United States and other emerging markets, we are capable of working with both public and private firms.

The excitement produced by new services, products and concepts and the idea of being instrumental to their introduction into the market are what motivate us at MMG. This excitement is shared by our large network of ever-ready investors who are extraordinary set to receive any companies we introduce to them. Having built relationships with them in the past years, it is our belief that our network is unsurpassed.

The only goal of our efforts while working for our clients is based on reducing the cost of capital through creation and implementation of all-inclusive marketing approaches that can assist in the increment of sales and profitability, and widen awareness of the market; thus, improving the value of shareholder. Private companies also gain extensively from our value-building approaches.

We have built a strong relationship with businesses in different sectors. Companies in the US and other countries are assisted by our professionals at MMG to take note of investment opportunities and then carry out expansive due diligence. At Mina Mar Group, what we do best is giving companies the chance to broaden their origin and develop their business.



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